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8 Critical Success Factors in Data Migration

Utopia Marketing | July 20, 2020 | 1 min read

Critical SF Migration Infographic 2

1. Engagement: Insist on active “Business” engagement at each step of the migration. The greater business engagement, the greater likelihood of overall migration success.

2. Rules: Maintain a clear understanding and documentation of business rules to allow for the determination of complexity, scope, effort, and associated risk.

3. Data Standards: Clearly define data standards to enable the determination of overall data quality and assist in the determination of complexity and scope.

4. Data Quality: Bad data increases the complexity and risk associated with the migration. Focus on data quality, cleansing, and enrichment as the first steps in your migration.

5. Timeliness: Ensure the availability of data to prevent delays in testing, validation, and potential disruption to the underlying system.

6. Complexity & Scope: Maintain a clear understanding of the complexity and scope of your migration project. Complexity and scope-creep underpin resource allocation and represent an increased risk.

7. Risk & Management: Document comprehensively. Effective risk management directly affects the overall likelihood of project success and allows for a proactive and nimble response.

8. Test & Validation: Rely on effective and routine testing and validation to confirm data quality, mitigate risk, and clarify overall complexity.

Written by Donald Dill, Data Migration Lead.

The 8 Critical Success Factors in Data Migrations infographic is part of an on-going series of blog posts related to best practices when preparing for or undergoing data migrations. Utopia is a top globally referred partner for data migrations and the leading global partner in SAP data services and SAP information steward expertise. From disparate, legacy and non-SAP systems and with either structured or unstructured data, Utopia’s migration knowledge and expertise are industry leading. With unmatched expertise, fueled by proprietary processes and industry expertise, Utopia has built a reputation for S/4HANA migration excellence. For more information on Utopia’s data migration services, visit: HTTPS://WWW.UTOPIAINC.COM/DATA-MIGRATION

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