Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) Library


Utopia knows that brownfield production facilities must maintain accurate and complete asset master data in key systems of record, such as SAP Plant Maintenance, in order realize maximum productivity. Utopia also understands that finding the essential master data that describes assets that are aging can often be a challenge.

Utopia has compiled a rich repository of asset master data through years of activity as SAP’s leading provider of asset master data migration, data transformation and data enrichment services. This content repository contains complete ISO 14224-compliant descriptions of assets frequently used in asset-intensive brownfield facilities in industries such as oil & gas, chemicals and utilities. It also includes hard-to-find information on aging assets.

Utopia’s AIN Content offers accurate, complete master data describing over 500,000 assets typically found in brownfield facilities as a third-party asset master data repository available via SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN). These ISO 14224-compliant models include complete class and characteristics data as well as associated documentation. The Utopia repository also provides reference sources to insure master data origin and accuracy.

Clients of Utopia can search the Utopia Asset Master Data Repository using a limited-use SAP AIN license available at no cost from Utopia. Clients can then purchase complete asset models from the repository via an attractive per-item pricing model.

Utopia will also offer asset master data research and model development for asset master data models not currently contained in the Utopia Asset Master Data Repository. This service is also available via a per-item pricing model that is accessed through a Digital Service Request in SAP Asset Intelligence Network.

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