Data cleansing is about standardizing, de-duplicating and structuring master data to optimize the performance of the data in your SAP system. Enrichment adds the missing pieces to your master data in a controlled and compliant matter.

    Benefits of Data Cleansing & Enrichment

    • Removes duplications in data that provide cost savings such as avoiding excess inventory and overruns.
    • Cleansed data enhances search ability and alignment to industry standards.
    • Allows prioritization of changes to your strategic data quality as part of your digital transformation.
    • Identifies data and systems that can be decommissioned and archived.
    • Quality data is the foundation to implementing master data governance.
    • Enables better, smarter and more efficient business decisions that are based on accurate data.

    How Utopia Can Help

    • Utopia deploys its 4 Cs framework to ensure data integrity:
      • Classification… We assign the right class to each object.
      • Cleansing… With every class and the associated characteristics to every class, we perform parsing and standardizing of the legacy data against the data dictionary.
      • Create (enrich)… Complementing the data by correcting and adding the missing pieces.
      • Consolidation… Integrating all the objects to make it a meaningful set of data and consolidating the data that comes from different sources and de-duplicating.


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