Master Data Governance For Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

    Business users can submit, approve, and execute changes to the below enterprise asset management (EAM) objects, as well as replicate those changes to decentralized systems by means of the data replication framework (DRF) and Idocs using change requests and workflow approval.

    • uEquip™ for MDG – Utopia Equipment Master for Master Data Governance
    • uFLOC™ for MDG – Utopia Functional Location Master for Master Data Governance 
    • uMROBOM™ for MDG - Utopia MRO Bill of Material for Master Data Governance 
    • uMNTPLN™ for MDG – Utopia Maintenance Plans for Master Data Governance
    • uTSKLST™ for MDG – Utopia Task Lists for Master Data Governance
    • uMSRPTS™ for MDG – Utopia Measuring Points for Master Data Governance
    • uWRKCTR™ for MDG – Utopia Work Center for Master Data Governance
    • uSRVMSTR™ for MDG - Utopia Service Master for Master Data Governance

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    Business users can influence the flow of the change request approval process by selecting a standard workflow or customize it to your specific requirements. The available workflow templates can be found under Workflow Templates for Utopia EAM Solutions for MDG™ features. The management of master data usually follows the pattern below: 1.   You create a change request (see Creation of a Change Request). 2.   The change request undergoes an approval procedure. You can use the function Processing of a Change Request. 3.   You execute the master data change (see Master Data Processing). 4.   You replicate the changes (see Data Replication).



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