uMM Material Master Short & Long Text


A frequent master data issue that spans across all industries is the inconsistency of descriptions, especially in material master data. Whether this is from poor governance practices at the time of entry or through acquired data resulting from mergers and acquisitions, the consequence can be undecipherable portrayals of the items, whether they be finished goods, spare parts, raw materials, etc. If users are unsure about the data they are accessing due to inadequate descriptive information, the subsequent transactional and reporting processes are often compromised and unreliable.

Typical Benefits

  • Re-use of key metadata descriptors to generate succinct, consistent master data descriptions
  • Easy identification of potential duplicate records
  • Reduction in user uncertainty about accessing the wrong master data record
  • Standardization of abbreviations and description format
  • Relevant information brought into reports and dashboards
  • Searches across records will generate expected results
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How Utopia Can Help

  • Utopia’s intellectual property and knowledge of master data best business practices take key characteristics from SAP classification data and generate both material master and purchasing descriptions.
  • All descriptive data is following a predefined standard regarding format, abbreviations, capitalizations, length, language, and more.
  • An accurate governance process keeps data clean for any new data creation or ongoing data maintenance
  • Ability to clean-up and sync existing problematic master data to be per the newly adopted standard