uDM - Data Migration Package


The uDM Data Migration Package is comprised of accelerators for varying parts of the data migration process. Utopia has been successfully executing data migration projects around the globe in over 22 industries for the past decade. We have gathered together the culmination of those experiences in our uDM Data Migration Package.

SAP produces Rapid Data Migration (RDM) templates for use in Data Services that provide best practices and code to migrate everyday objects to SAP target systems such as SAP S/4 HANA. Utopia has created a process called “uAutoDesigner” that automates the process of creating RDM templates for data objects not published by SAP. uAutoDesigner also will translate the rules that are used in the RDM templates to create migration scorecards in SAP Information Steward.

The RDM templates provide code that tests data for pre-load validation. When data is not load-ready, it is labeled an exception and must be modified in some manner so that it will pass the load tests. For data that may need some manual intervention, Utopia has engineered a solution within the Information Steward framework that utilizes the “Worklist Processing” functionality to fix and track changes to the exceptions.

Below are our three products that are bundled and sold as the uDM Data Migration Package: