uDQR - Data Quality Remediation for SAP Retail & Fashion (RFM)


Utopia has integrated SAP MDG for RFM and the SAP Information Steward (IS) tool as part of the optimization process. The solution provides the Information Steward dashboards in the solution as a one-step click feature.

DQR _ Equp_2.jpg

As a user, you have access to the IS dashboards at your fingertips, as well as Scorecards, Quality Dimensions, Quality Rules and Quality Trends that are immediately available for analysis.

The business rules are explicitly tailored for retailers and fashion companies, covering areas such as Dimensions and Weight, Sourcing, Fabric Components, etc. These business rules provide a platform for immediate adaptation to serve as a base for modifications.

The integration between IS and SAP MDG for RFM allows the user to take immediate action and create a change request to edit an incorrect record. The tool accelerates the maintenance of the article as data not immediately needed can be updated retroactively without prolonging the maintenance time.

Typical Benefits

  • MDG for RFM provides the framework for archiving the defined Article Master data quality in an efficient and streamlined manner
  • MDG for RFM can easily be adapted to the change in business processes
  • MDG for RFM is based on best practices that secure low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Built-in integration to other tools in the SAP EIM suite that allows for easy quality issue detection and correction

How Utopia Can Help

Utopia provides data governance advice and frameworks in the areas of Article Master and related fields. Our trusted solutions and services empower organizations to achieve consistent and accurate information. They significantly improve the process of governing the master data. Utopia believes the process efficiency is as important as the governance element. If the process is efficient and structured, the associates will feel empowered and embrace data quality to a much greater extent.