uDQR - Data Quality Remediation for SAP EAM


SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) ensures that your organization maintains data integrity across both SAP and non-SAP systems. Even if you are currently using SAP MDG for effective data governance across all-new master data or updates to existing data, it is vital to continually monitor the master data to ensure that nothing has passed into the system without proper governance and adherence to your business rules. Furthermore, you need a consistent process for assessing your data quality and governance controls through ongoing key performance indicators.

The tool designed by Utopia, referred to as the Data Quality Remediation (DQR) Report, uses SAP Information Steward in combination with SAP MDG, in a pre-built configured template that can easily be configured to accommodate your company’s business rules. This gives you the constant insight you need into your data quality initiatives.

Typical Benefits

  • Ability to assess, validate and continuously monitor the quality of asset master data
  • Visualization and scoring of key data-related metrics (i.e., completeness, accuracy, integrity and timeliness)
  • Evaluations can be performed for all SAP EAM master data objects
  • Accelerate the correction of data through automatic creation of an MDG Change Request directly from the business rules failed records listing


How Utopia Can Help

  • Through years of experience in helping companies establish best business practices around SAP EAM master data, Utopia brings typically deployed business rules as already defined content in the uDQR Report
  • Utopia has the intellectual expertise to roll out the automatic integration between Information Steward quickly identified failed records and the trackable remediation process handled by change requests in MDG for EAM
  • Utopia trains its customers’ subject matter experts to be able to continuously update and improve the governance and remediation report through the ongoing creation of even more stringent business rules