SAP Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Connectors


Enterprise Information Management (EIM) refers to the SAP Portfolio of tools that include the Information Steward and Data Services platform, as well as PowerDesigner. These tools have many capabilities, all of which help determine if your data is clean, and if not, how to help get your data clean and implement processes to keep it clean. These tools, when licensed from SAP, provide certain pre-configured content or accelerators. SAP has published Data Migration Accelerators called Rapid Data Migration templates. These are published for many SAP data objects. Utopia has extended these templates for a more substantial number of SAP data objects by using our own EIM accelerators.

Utopia worked with SAP in developing some of the accelerators, each of which helps reduce your time to value and enables you to complete projects faster. This applies to data migration, data integration, data quality monitoring, master data governance, and more.

Here are some of the Utopia’s SAP EIM connectors: