uXLoader for SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) & Enterprise Asset Management


Utopia is focused beyond merely extending product functionality. We are also committed to delivering superior user experience. The Utopia uXLoader for SAP MDG is not your everyday spreadsheet tool. As an SAP-Certified Solution partner, Utopia effectively takes the risk and guesswork out of data entry with this tool that integrates seamlessly with your existing SAP MDG system.

Utopia’s uXLoader leverages the familiarity of spreadsheet tools with pre-formatted data structures for many SAP objects-- for example, Functional Location (FLOC), Equipment, MRO Bill of Material (BOM), etc. The uXLoader is pre-configured to logon directly to your SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) solution, allowing for data validation and automated Change Request creation.

uXLoader can be used on a mobile device for ‘offline’ / disconnected data capture or in connected mode with a single sign-on. Additionally, the data validation feature ensures the completeness and accuracy of the MDG Change Request submission.



The uXLoader is an excellent SAP data capture and validation tool that creates a standard SAP MDG Change Request and produces seamless, high integrity data acquisition. It also reduces keystrokes and automatically validates data entry, thus reducing the time spent getting your data right the first time, every time.

uXLoader is available as an add-on solution for SAP MDG for EAM or as a standard feature in SAP Asset Information Workbench (AIW). The following are some of the benefits that uXLoader delivers to a business:

  • Flexible data stewardship with governance delivering faster time to market and reduced cost of data maintenance
  • Better data quality which leads to improved productivity
  • Easier integration to external third-party data sources

How Utopia Can Help

We understand the importance of operating on clean data that is accurate and actionable. Utopia leverages its expertise in SAP MDG to create this easy-to-use Excel-based tool. Our approach and professional services team help ensure that your asset data is both accurate and reliable.

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