uXLoader - SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) for Retail & Fashion


    Utopia is committed to delivering a superior user experience that adheres to the highest standard of design and testing. The uXLoader for SAP MDG-Retail & Fashion is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that addresses data entry issues for many retailers. The uXLoader leverages tools readily available through Microsoft Excel. If your organization is already utilizing a template, uXLoader can be mapped to the template with seamless integration. It is optimized for mobile devices as well as offline.

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    The tool allows for personalization, enabling the user to hide the fields that are not in use or fields that always have the same value. The tool also allows for loading multiple Purchasing Information Records (PIRs), Distribution Chains, Languages etc. all in one step. Furthermore, the uXLoader enables generic items (Master SKUs) to be loaded as well as the individual European Article Number (EAN)/Universal Product Code (UPC). This allows the retailer to upload items such as clothing, shoes, flavors, etc in one simple step.

    The uXLoader solution also supports the maintenance of the listing values relevant for the article, reducing the amount of subsequent processing. By supporting the maintenance of multiple Distribution Chains, the uXLoader supports retailers that require articles to be set up for different areas of the business such as retail and wholesale.

    Typical Benefits

    uXLoader is available as an add-on solution for SAP MDG for Retail & Fashion (RFM). The following are some of the benefits that uXLoader delivers to a business:

    • Efficient processing of large sets of data
    • Supports both article creations as well as article functionality updates
    • Processes multiple variations of the article such as Language, PIR, Distribution Chains
    • Supports all the solution validations including business rules

    How Utopia Can Help

    Utopia has extensive experience in Master Data Management. We also appreciate the importance of operating a business with clean data that is accurate and actionable, minimizing the disruptions to the supply chain and allowing for higher customer satisfaction. Here are a few of the advantages from working with Utopia:

    • We have deep retail industry knowledge related to data governance and can help you with the structure of the uXLoader tool according to best practices in the retail industry.
    • We have comprehensive system and tool insights that accelerate the process of starting up the MDG-RFM system and customize the and the uXLoader to exactly need your requirements.
    • The combination of the above accelerates the implementation of uXLoader and streamlines the process of Article master maintenance while, at the same time, driving the data quality according to your company standards.
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