uConnector - SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN)

Asset Intelligence Network

The SAP AIN provides an unprecedented capability for asset-intensive organizations to access the accuracy and completeness of their information with regards to assets from manufacturers or credible third-party sources. Once reliable asset master data is available, organizations require a structured mechanism to orchestrate the collection, organization, approval, and loading of appropriate asset information into their asset information systems of record.

Utopia has developed the uConnector for SAP AIN to assist organizations in searching, selecting, organizing, and governing the loading of appropriate asset master data from AIN into their operating environments. When deployed in concert with SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) for EAM, SAP Asset Information Workbench, and SAP AIN, this Utopia solution provides a ready mechanism to govern the integration of asset information from a manufacturer’s catalogs and third-party libraries.

The uConnector for SAP AIN- Basic Edition is available for use with SAP Asset Information Workbench or with SAP Master Data Governance for EAM alone. The Basic Edition provides pre-configured screens to facilitate intelligent search, selection, and download of asset information in AIN to populate master data change requests. When used in combination with Utopia’s Integrator for OpenText xECM, the Utopia solution can orchestrate the governed validation, approval, and loading of structured and unstructured asset information. The Basic Edition is designed to provide a simple mechanism to initiate a single-object master data change request. It utilizes asset information from AIN data and unstructured information throughout the asset master data governance process.


The uConnector for SAP AIN - Advanced Edition is available for use with SAP Asset Information Workbench. The Advanced Edition is designed to facilitate large scale capture and loading of complex asset master data structured from AIN into Asset Information Workbench Multi-Object Change Requests, while engaging business rules and best practices libraries to support large scale master data synchronization. When used in concert with Utopia’s uConnector for OpenText xECM, the Utopia solution can orchestrate the governed validation, approval, and loading of structured and unstructured asset information. In mid-2018, the Advanced Edition enables the capture and upload of all master data object types included in the AIN template (e.g., Functional Location, Equipment, BOM, Maintenance Plan, Task List, etc.).

Typical Benefits

Here are a few of the benefits of deploying the uConnector for SAP AIN:

  • Clients can make use of a rich set of pre-built integrations, business rules, and workflows in achieving a rich utilization of asset master data available via AIN in their SAP Plant Maintenance environment.
  • Facilitates and streamlines collaboration with manufacturers and suppliers by being able to access standard metadata to build out equipment master records.
  • Enhances the governance process through the consumption of the AIN “digital twin” to help ensure data fields, manuals, specifications, etc., are current and relevant.

How Utopia Can Help

As an SAP Solution Partner, Utopia produces SAP-certified solutions that are issued in coordination with SAP software releases – making software lifecycle decisions much straightforward.

Utopia offers a complete set of services that complement the software deployment and integration as well as asset master data extraction, cleansing, transformation, and enrichment.

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