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Utopia recognizes that the real world of asset master data is an inconvenient mix of structured and unstructured information. Many asset-intensive organizations find that documents and drawings available only in unstructured formats are the best available sources for most of the asset information required in their asset system of record, such as SAP Plant Maintenance (PM).

Utopia has developed the uConnector for OpenText xECM to assist organizations in capturing the origin of their asset master data and associated unstructured documents and drawings with asset master data objects.  When deployed with SAP Master Data Governance for EAM, SAP Asset Information Workbench, and OpenText xECM, this Utopia solution provides an effective mechanism to link unstructured source documents with master data change requests.  

The uConnector for OpenText xECM - Basic Edition is available for use with Asset Information Workbench or with SAP Master Data Governance for EAM alone.  The Basic Edition provides appropriate xECM Business Workspaces for each asset master data object type in an integrated change request user interface.  The Basic Edition is designed to provide a simple mechanism to organize structured data and unstructured information throughout the asset master data governance process.


The uConnector for OpenText xECM - Advanced Edition is available for use with Asset Information Workbench. The Advanced Edition is designed to facilitate large scale capture and loading of complex document sets associated with Asset Information Workbench Multi-Object Change Requests. It engages business rules and best practice libraries to support large scale master data synchronization. When used in concert with SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN), the Advanced Edition enables the capture and loading of documents associated with all master data object types included in the AIN template (e.g., Functional Location, Equipment, BOM, Maintenance Plan, Task List, etc.). The Advanced Edition also facilitates the operation of SAP BRF+ Business Rules to assess document types based upon document naming conventions.

Typical Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of the uConnector for OpenText xECM:

  • Provides a systematic, repeatable process for linking and updating unstructured content to key EAM master data
  • Integrates required documents into the master data governance process
  • Provides a way to bridge the gap between structured content (fields of data in the SAP master records) and unstructured content (e.g., tech drawings, manuals, work procedures, P&ID diagrams, nameplate info, etc.)

How Utopia Can Help

As an SAP Solution Extension Partner, Utopia produces SAP-certified solutions that are issued in coordination with SAP software releases – making software lifecycle decisions more straightforward.

Utopia offers a complete set of complementary services for software deployment and integration, as well as asset master data extraction, cleansing, transformation, and enrichment.

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