3rd Party Connectors


Utopia recognizes that achieving master data quality in the SAP platform often requires synchronization of information among multiple information sources.  SAP master data owners frequently find that the sources of truth for their SAP master data records reside in a variety of environments, including:

  • Other corporate systems of record
  • Unstructured data such as manufacturers datasheets, manuals, and drawings
  • Manufacturer or Vendor websites and catalogs
  • Local spreadsheets

To address these separate and dispersed information sources, Utopia has developed a family of agile 3rd Party Connectors to extend the utility of our Master Data Governance and Asset Information Workbench Solution Extension offerings.  By utilizing Utopia 3rd Party Connectors in concert with the Utopia Solution Extension products, users can achieve auditable master data governance transactions that provide assured synchronization of SAP master data with the external sources of truth.