Not only is data an asset to your organization, but so are the people who manage it. Equipping your data scientists with the right combination of course content and instructors is essential to enhance their overall learning experience. What makes their education even more impactful, is the ability for them to learn from real-world examples, including their data. Utopia’s SAP® Data Services software training offers all of the above, plus two courses on data integration and quality. These classes focus on the use of SAP Data Services solutions, along with complimentary classes. Participants will be able to build their skill sets and extract higher value from your data integration.


The courses are delivered by Utopia instructors who are experts with SAP Data Services software. Classes can be conducted either on-site at your facility or Utopia Labs™. The courses provided are BOI300 for data integration using SAP Data Services and BOQ300, which is a combination of data integration training enhanced with data quality concepts.

Each course is delivered per the defined guidelines set forth by SAP for BOI300 and BOQ300. Adhering to SAP standards not only ensures smooth training delivery but that all functions of SAP Data Services are covered per the software manufacturer’s guidelines.

Going Above and Beyond

The Utopia advantage of these private classes is the ability for them to be augmented with custom content and the ability to utilize your data. Also, four add-on course modules exist to enhance the training and prepare your data integration and migration staff for complex projects.

Add-On Course Modules

L-14002 SAP-data-services-training.jpg

Customized Courses

To extend the learning process, Utopia instructors can work with you to create course material above and beyond the two core classes and four add-on modules.

Benefits Snapshot

Training your SAP team is an invaluable investment that continues to reap benefits now and into the future. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Reduces project risks
  • Minimizes project costs
  • Maximizes your return on investment
  • Improves collaboration
  • Maintains your competitive advantage