SAP Information Steward

SAP Information Steward is a data quality analysis toolset that can enable Business and IT users to monitor and manage the enterprise data quality from multiple data sources and systems. Also, the tool helps empower data stewards with a single environment to discover, assess, define, monitor, and improve the quality of their enterprise data assets. The apparatus comprises of Data Insight, Metapedia, Metadata Manager, Cleansing Package Builder, and Match Review modules. 

Benefits of Data Profiling

  • Provides dashboards for data quality profiling and ongoing monitoring of data quality scores
  • Provides the insight and knowledge on the consistency and trustworthiness of data
  • Provides the ability to trace data quality issues down to the root cause for multiple data domains
  • Monitor SAP and non-SAP data using custom business rules for multiple data sources

How Utopia Can Help

Utopia implements SAP Information Steward is a tool for both business users and the IT organization. SAP Information Steward has proven to be an essential tool for enterprises as they evolve to be more data-centric. Utopia seeks to engage and empower business users for data quality monitoring activities.


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