Accurate, complete asset master data can have a direct impact on an asset-intensive industry’s ability to reduce environmental, health, and safety risks, improve operational performance, and maintain regulatory compliance. To achieve these benefits, the as-built asset master data must be organized by a standard taxonomy and detailed to include equipment class and specific information. The master data set must also include properly structured bills of material, facilitating the association of equipment with the required spare parts for repairs as well as the maintenance plans and task lists describing detail maintenance assignments.

Utopia’s unique methodology for master data cleansing, creation, consolidation, and classification are explicitly designed to achieve the ideal asset master dataset. Utopia’s skilled team of content engineers utilize this methodology to deliver the data in the most timely and cost-effective fashion.

Benefits of Utopia’s 4Cs Master Data Cleansing and Enrichment Services

  • Able to process large volumes of master data records in the most timely and cost-effective fashion
  • Utilizes SAP Enterprise Information Management (EIM) technologies to deliver robust audit trails of all cleansing and enrichment activities
  • Ensures that the client can achieve continued master data governance utilizing the same SAP validation and transformation business rules
  • Leverages Utopia’s extensive asset master data content library for enrichment of asset master data records
  • Integrates seamlessly with Utopia’s complimentary services for field data collection, unstructured data organization, capital project information handover and merger & acquisition master data processing

How Utopia Can Help

The Utopia team of master data transformation experts, combined with SAP Enterprise Information Management solution suite, provides a seamless software and services capability.  Utilizing this solution suite, asset-intensive organizations can now accurately and efficiently get their asset master data right, and keep it right.

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