Accurate, complete asset master data is essential for the successful integration of acquired assets into an organization’s operations and maintenance environments. Integrating and consolidating data in disparate enterprise systems is one of the most costly and time-consuming challenges in mergers and acquisitions. The key to reducing integration risk is applying proven expertise in assuring data quality and transformation and standardizing the database after integration.

Utopia’s solution provides end-to-end integration of disparate systems, including all steps necessary for managing and consolidating data. Utopia will design, plan, and build the databases to support the transaction, for the seller (the sale), the buyer (the purchase), and the transaction (the exchange). These three databases would contain the information each party requires for their due diligence and will bring efficacy to the process.

Benefits of Merger and Acquisition Data Transformation Services:

  • Improves data quality in the process of consolidation and provides archiving services for legacy data that needs to be retired, which leads to a leaner consolidated database going forward.
  • Creates a single, centralized data repository from multiple datasets enabling companies to reduce transaction risk and legal/regulatory risks, as well as improving operational efficiencies to reap M&A synergies more quickly.
  • Implements timely separation of acquired divisions or subsidiaries from parent companies to avoid the penalties that come from continuing dependence on sellers’ IT resources.
  • Simplifies the re-valuing of assets, setting forth a bi-annual process of asset valuation company-wide.
  • Enables reporting of the value of all (fixed) assets in their present locations/hierarchies required for annual reporting and regulatory compliance concerns.

How Utopia Can Help

With the increase in M&A activity globally, the demand for speedy integration of acquired or merged companies has gone up. This requires broad and deep expertise in everything data – from data extraction, health checks, transformation, and analysis to integration. Utopia provides essential awareness of EAM processes, technologies, and the data, policies, and people required to document the value of the assets to maintain operations at the lowest possible costs properly.


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