As organizations contemplate asset master data quality improvement projects, they often find that there is no accurate, trusted record of their as-built assets. While their engineering drawings, maintenance systems, and GIS systems all contain asset information, there is not a high level of institutional confidence that any of these systems are fully up-to-date and accurate. In these situations, field data collection services provide an organized means of field verification to establish an actual baseline record of critical as-built asset information.

Benefits of Field Data Collection Service

  • Collect missing asset information that would give the ability to create a bill of materials, build maintenance plans, submit warranty claims and accurately roll-up costs for financial reporting
  • Captures the equipment data in electronic format
  • Validates as-built versus as-designed asset information
  • Enables accurate data for valuation of plant, taxes, reporting, maintenance planning, and environmental compliance
  • Identifies and organizes newly acquired equipment from mergers, acquisitions ,and capital projects

How Utopia Can Help

Utopia has extensive as-built asset data collection experience in a variety of asset-intensive industries. We collect data needed to perform critical business processes (e.g., building a Bill of Materials requires make, model, OEM part number, etc.). We can also collect measurement attributes such as Maximum Allowable Working Pressure, dimensions like pipe diameter, and tank capacity.

The Utopia field data collection methodology begins with the identification of the specific asset information required, then identifies the required expertise and collection methods.  Utopia can then provide turnkey field data collection services, or organize an optimized field data collection plan and provide oversight of existing client field resources to ensure accurate, complete data collection. 


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