One of the primary challenges in asset master data improvement projects is that the as-built records reside in a variety of structured and unstructured information sources. Most of the information required for a complete as-built registration is often found on documents. These critical source documents may include facility engineering design drawings and base maps, as well as equipment vendor data sheets, purchase orders, and operations manuals. Therefore, crucial document identification, retention, and data extraction become essential elements of a successful asset master data quality initiative.

Benefits of a Structured and Unstructured Data Organization Service

  • Insures a holistic approach in identifying the best available as-built asset source data
  • Facilitates accuracy and quality control in information extraction from source documents
  • Supports integration of content management system with structured data systems of record
  • Establishes complete audit trail for as-built master data accuracy including document ownership and versioning
  • Enables subsequent management of change, ensuring change of source document drive change to structured data

How Utopia Can Help

Utopia has extensive experience in identifying and interpreting the drawings and documents required for as-built asset master data collection. Utopia deploys on-site and off-site asset master data professionals who are skilled in working with a variety of intelligent (CAD, GIS, etc.) and non-intelligent document types.

The Utopia asset master data remediation methodology is designed to efficiently identify key as-built asset documentation, organize the documents appropriately to ensure a coherent audit trail, extract essential asset data and structure the data required for subsequent organization, validation, and enrichment.


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