An extensive survey of asset-intensive industries by ARC Advisory Group suggests that inaccurate, incomplete capital project information handover can add up to 1% to an organization’s overall capital project costs. The collection, configuration control, and change management of as-built asset data provided in transmittals from engineering, construction companies, suppliers, and vendors are essential to efficient commissioning, start-up, and subsequent operation of a sophisticated production facility. Proper specification and inspection of capital project handover deliverables, supported by information extraction, organization, and transformation, can have enormous contributions to Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) risk reduction, operational efficiency, and lower start-up costs in a new production facility.

Benefits of Capital Project Information Handover Services

  • Establish standards and structures for handover deliverables to be provided by engineering, procurement, construction firms (EPCs), as well as equipment suppliers and vendors associated with facility construction
  • Provide ongoing support for deliverable quality control and transmittal management
  • Perform essential asset master data take-off engineering documents and drawings
  • Facilitate data validation and transformation as required for the loading of operations and maintenance automation systems
  • Supply data enrichment as required to complete asset master data requirements of operations and maintenance automation systems

How Utopia Can Help

The Utopia capital project information handover methodology can assist an organization in developing the essential handover specifications for EPCs, suppliers, and vendors. The Utopia team can supplement an organization’s resources during the busy facility commissioning and start-up period to ensure timely transmittal review as well as data extraction, validation and change management facilitating transformation for operations and maintenance automation system loading.


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