Utopia works with SAP customers on data strategy, governance, process, and technology that enables them to build a trusted roadmap so they can tackle their most demanding data challenges. Data is the most valuable currency for enterprises as they approach their transformation to the digital core. In response to this, Utopia has developed its proprietary methodology known as Enterprise Data Lifecycle Management® (EDLM). EDLM is an umbrella data management strategy that combines business process, data processes, people, and applied technologies to manage and improve the lifecycle of data across an enterprise - from creation through archival.

Our strategic consulting also offers assessments of your current situation as well as building data roadmaps.

Benefits of Data Strategy Consulting

  • Build a roadmap and business case for establishing a data governance program
  • Better alignment between executive management and IT around data governance
  • Establish a data governance organization that bridges business and technology
  • Maximize the organization’s data management investment to achieve the desired return on investment (ROI)
  • Provide a clear and unified focus for data standards and day-to-day governance

How Utopia Can Help

Utopia takes a customized approach to data and what it can do for you. We can help you understand where you are now, outline a strategy for where you need to be to manage data as an asset and derive a plan that addresses your organization's specific needs. With our EDLM methodology, we will provide a clear plan for making your data a trusted and valuable asset for your organization.