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Digital Transformation & the Internet of Things (IoT)

1.  Whitepaper: The Challenges of Urban IoT: How Bad Data Impairs Aspiring Future Cities
If Cities Aren't Running on High-quality Data, All the Smart Technologies in the World Can't Help.

The physical management of utilities, equipment, buildings, and systems is just one small aspect of a city of the future. By incorporating physical, digital, and human systems into an integrated environment, cities can vastly improve the reality of living – but that means effectively managing something that exists only virtually: data.

2. Whitepaper: SAP® Master Data Governance (MDG) A Critical Step in the Digital Journey to SAP S/4HANA®
Preparing for Your Digital Transformation... Where Do You Start?

Organizations need a single source of trustworthy data to drive their business processes, and SAP® Master Data Governance (MDG) and SAP S/4HANA® provide exactly that. That’s why companies that are thinking of migrating to SAP S/4HANA should consider implementing SAP MDG prior to the move to ensure that the data you’re migrating is at the highest quality level possible.

Database Services

1. Big Data Insights for Maximum Business Impact 
Actionable Intelligence Using Advanced Analytics, Statistical Techniques and Pattern Recognition

The availability of timely, meaningful insights from large data sets for effective decision-making is finally here. As technology evolves, new, creative and innovative business processes and analytics can be built to bring more speed and power for handling Big Data and provisioning "Big Insights."

2. SAP HANA®, The Cloud, Complex Data  
In-Memory, Cloud-Based Computing for Greater Speed to Value

For businesses that need to know what is happening, when it is happening, in-memory computing for analytics and business intelligence provides the ultimate in speed, flexibility, risk mitigation, and cost reduction. Ultra-fast, real-time calculations and analytics on live data streams are why the SAP HANA® platform in the cloud is the new silver bullet for success.

3. Data Quality for Maximizing the Business Impact of The SAP HANA® Platform
Make Good Decisions, Blazingly Fast

The speed of SAP HANA makes possible speedy, real-time decisions, but the question arises as to whether these are the right decisions, or just bad decisions, made faster. The answer to that question is directly tied to the quality of the data. Useful data, sound decisions. Bad data, bad decisions. Thus maximum business value and Return-on-Investment are achieved through SAP HANA when the high-speed performance of in-memory computing is coupled with quality data.

4. SAP HANA®, The Cloud, HADOOP™, Big Data The New Silver Bullet for Business
On-demand Big Data Access Enables Better Decisions Faster While Minimizing Risks and Costs

Learn how to simplify your IT landscape and improve business processes to unlock new never-before-possible business models. Unleash your IT potential with the turbocharged power of this groundbreaking new solution.

Data Management

1. Master Data Management Best Practices and Organizational Considerations 
Organizations are looking to the quality of their master data as the next best way to optimize their business processes

Learn the five essential disciplines of enterprise data management. Understand how to maximize business value and minimize risks and uncertainty. Learn the ten prevalent master data management pitfalls.

2. Real-time Data Governance For MDM Best Practices
A best practice MDM approach seeks to maximize business value, minimize risks, and uncertainty

Learn the valuable 3-step process for real time data governance. Find out about the transaction risks involved with real time data governance. Compare 8 components of master data management best practices.

3. Enterprise Data Management and Leveraging SAP's EIM Solutions
Preparing for ERP, Achieving Customer Insight, Enterprise Data Warehousing, and Mergers & Acquisition An Executive Summary. This paper will help you understand the drivers and the importance of your data as a strategic asset. We will describe the steps and approaches used by SAP and Utopia to help you realize a key business goal for the creation and maintenance of clean, accurate, and relevant data in your company.

Enterprise Asset Management

1. Achieving Big Savings on Capital Project Information Handover 
How successfully managed handovers can save organizations millions

Learn the four keys steps to a standards-based methodology that works and what are the worst-case scenarios you need to avoid.

2. Migrating From Mincom Ellipse to SAP Plant Maintenance

Address the concerns that many Mincom users are facing

Learn the benefits of SAP’s plant maintenance solution and how it’s reducing migration risks. Understand the concerns that many Mincom users are facing as well as Utopia’s recommended key steps to migrate your data from one system to the other easily.

3. Mining Hidden Dollars with EAM
Data Quality is the Key to Maximizing Returns

This insightful white paper shows how to uncover significant hidden dollars in enterprise asset management (EAM) implementations. In this report culled from actual deployments, you will see what drives EAM success and how bad data causes millions of dollars in losses due to unplanned downtime, lost revenues, and regulatory fines. With the right EAM platform and high-quality data, an enterprise can dramatically improve the availability of its manufacturing assets, a critical factor in long-term success in heavy industries.

4. Enterprise Asset Management
The Devil is in the Data™

This white paper explores the findings and insights gained after an EAM Data Analysis for a global oil and gas company. On the outset, the client sought to optimize their EAM processes, reduce inventory, and improve plant maintenance and operations. They found that critical business processes were compromised as a result of incomplete and inaccurate data in the company's production ERP systems. The knowledge gained provided opportunities for operation and business optimization as well as unforeseen benefits related to business insight and decision making.

5. Harnessing Data to Manage Linear Assets for Greater Profitability  

Creating a comprehensive solution that is truly integrated with your ERP applications

Regardless of what EAM system your company uses, harnessing the data and modeling it in one order allows you to manage assets more efficiently and effectively. Learn how to overcome the challenges and achieve your linear assets with accuracy and efficiency.

6. Data Equals Dollars Within Mergers and Acquisitions  
Assured Data Quality Could Be Worth Millions to Your Company

Integrating and consolidating data in disparate enterprise systems is one of the most costly and consuming challenges in mergers and acquisitions. Learn how data experts can reduce risk and assure success along with the steps necessary for managing and consolidating data.

Data Migration

1. Data Migration Management
Sustaining data integrity after the go live and beyond

Data migration is an essential event for your enterprise. By recognizing and preparing for the critical impact that data plays during a large system roll out significant risk, and cost overruns can be mitigated and eliminated. Additionally, the sustainable management of data via an EDLM™ strategy will not only support your data migration event but also yield significant process improvement and financial benefits over the long term. Embracing the five phases of the Data Migration Management methodology is simple. Deploying the method with rigor demands an organizational commitment of operational excellence, and with that commitment, the methodology delivers a new system with quality data.

Data Quality

1. Maintenance Health Assessment, Getting The Most From Healthy Data and Processes 
A crucial tool for organizations to identify where to focus time and budget for the most benefit.

Learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your maintenance data. Understand how to use data to increase your understanding of your system and its capabilities. Learn what to expect after improving maintenance processes and data quality.

2. A Case for Good Quality Data
An ROI Calculator

Through a few quick steps, this white paper provides a simple yet powerful framework to dimensionalize return on investment for every dollar invested in cleaning up enterprise data. What is not apparent or intuitive is that such investments often yield a return that competes with the top 10% percentile of investment opportunities on a CFOs radar company-wide.

3. Creating a Data Quality Strategy

In reading this paper, you can expect to learn the importance of organizational goals and the driving force behind the strategy and how to use those goals to direct the strategy effort. From there, the five aspects used to build the plan are explored. Lastly, we close the paper with a section on the implementation of the strategy.


Case Study - Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management - The Devil is in the Data
This case study presents multiple strategies and EAM tactics to get your plant running on all cylinders. You'll learn tangible outcomes from a solid EAM strategy.


Case Study - The Case for Good Quality Data

A Return on Investment Calculator
This study provides a simple yet powerful framework to dimensionalize return on investment for every dollar invested in cleaning up enterprise data.


Case Study - Data Migration

How a Utopia Data Migration Helped a Wholesale Auto Parts Distributor Maximize ROI
This case study tracks how a wholesale auto parts distributor working with Utopia successfully navigated numerous data migration challenges.


Case Study - Field Data Collection

Getting a Handle on the Tangible in the Oil & Gas Industry
This case study presents an inside look at how Utopia worked with a major North American oil and gas company to successfully implement a new enterprise resource planning system.


Case Study - Data Migration

How Malaysian Airlines' Data Migration Has Them Seeing More Clearly
This case study follows a data migration project transformation as it smoothly migrates heterogeneous legacy application data into one system.

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