How AI and ML Can Help Elevate the Vision of Better Data

Posted by Martin Printz on February 12, 2020

Retail Post

”Once upon a time” when the most complicated engine was Materials Requirements Planning (MRP), and the most common planning tool was MS Excel. Many would say that things were much simpler back then, and they probably were. We were used to stock-outs and lots of stuff on sale because of the misalignment between supply and demand. Oh, yes – the good old days.

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Is Your Retail Data Ready for the Future?

Posted by Martin Printz on August 13, 2019

Read any study from Gartner, SAP Benchmarking, and alike. Retailers understand the benefits of high-quality data. For years retailers attended conferences like NRF and SAPPHIRE NOW being promised a bright future by analytics and promised competitive advantages with smart solutions and lately Machine Learning (ML) and IoT.

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Data Behind It

Posted by Martin Printz on November 21, 2018

In many stores worldwide, there are early sign of the approaching holiday season. For retailers, the season is kicked off about a month earlier with Black Friday - the most important shopping day for most US retailers, and gaining traction with retailers in other parts of the world.

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