What's All This Buzz about SAP Data Hub?

Posted by Jeff Knotts on September 11, 2018

Gone is the notion of one size fits all - or in other words - that all of your data and processes need to be in a centralized system or database. Today, we see customers with many different systems and environments that are required to run their business. We often create custom programs to make their systems talk to each other and share information. Sometimes, the answer is to move all of the important data to a data warehouse and do your processing there. This adds a layer of complexity because you have to get the data from wherever it lives and bring it into the data warehouse which means your data is often out of sync in the various systems that you store it in.

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Things to Consider BEFORE Moving to SAP S/4HANA

Posted by Jeff Knotts on December 20, 2017

We’ve seen it before. A company makes a big investment in a new ERP system, and a BI system, then added Balanced Score Cards and very pretty dashboards. But the CEO still gets reports in an Excel spreadsheet.  Ever wonder why this happens?  There are many reasons, however a common one is that when the new system was implemented, no one cleaned the data from the old system(s)  BEFORE it was loaded into the new system.

As a result, all the reports that had wrong information before – still have wrong information. They just now have eye catching buttons and dials on them!

This happens time and time again because the data migration/conversion stream of the ERP system project did not receive the attention that it deserved.  It was left to another team, another stakeholder, another phase maybe– you know the old story. "Here is the file format we need – provide the data in this format and we’ll load it for you." But the responsibility for the quality of the data is with someone else.

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Why Isn’t My New SAP S/4HANA System Everything I Hoped For?

Posted by Jeff Knotts on November 28, 2017

Since SAP S/4HANA is the latest and greatest technology from SAP many people may find themselves asking this question. It’s the same question you may ask after a rollout of any new business suite or enterprise-wide system.

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