10 Immediate Benefits of Data-Driven Distribution

Posted by Georgios Galanakis on June 17, 2020

Logistics and Information Systems intersect and smoothly blend into a homogeneous business support environment. The recipe for this blend is not at all easy to utilize. In many cases, it proves to be a failure. The question is, why? The factors of success or failure are not always evident.

It is important to provide a concrete basis upon which a set of alternative pre-defined steps can be followed in order to formalize a context for operational excellence. The application grounds of logistics are extensive, and it is difficult to see clearly through the vague borders of interrelations between entities of the system’s boundary. The contemporary systems tend to be event-driven, and in this perspective, also data-driven.

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9-Step Checklist for World-Class Enterprise Asset Management

Posted by Georgios Galanakis on May 1, 2020

Why Enterprise Asset Management?

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