ANNOUNCEMENT:  Utopia Video Podcast Release – Episode 2 with Peter Maier

Posted by Utopia Marketing on January 28, 2020

In this can’t miss episode Utopia CEO, Arvind Singh sits down with Peter Maier, General Manager SAP Industries, SAP to discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities in the oil and gas industry. Drawing from a truly global perspective, Peter also offers predictions on how businesses of the future will be organized and operate.


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Customer Case Study: Improving Uptime and Productivity at Alliander with Asset Information Data Integrity

Posted by Utopia Marketing on January 24, 2020

Good maintenance practices are necessary to achieve financial objectives for revenue and margin – particularly for asset-intensive industries. The equipment must function properly to produce the product being sold to customers. Dreaded unplanned downtime interrupts production, causing lost revenue and can lead to safety or environmental incidents.

Regulatory and competitive pressures led Alliander to start a condition-based maintenance program to improve asset reliability and the sustainability of the company. Planning and executing repair work orders involves orchestrating technicians, parts, documentation, GIS location, and more. Effective and credible management of this maintenance requires a foundation of asset information with high data integrity and good governance.

Alliander Case Study

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Data Creates Huge Value - What is the Value of Your Data?

Posted by David Kuketz on January 14, 2020

“I cannot figure out the value of my data!” Exactly! Art or science, theoretical. Few have connected the value of data to the value of a business or shown causality of quantitative improvement in Data Quality (DQ) to a measurable increase in business outcomes. If a race car team has a new motor with more output than the previous generation (or competitors), should they use the same fuel or improve the fuel quality to maximize the output of the new motor? The answer is, it depends on what the motor requires; that may determine whether they win races, or not.

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ANNOUNCEMENT:  Utopia Video Podcast Release–Episode 1 with Eric Stine

Posted by Utopia Marketing on January 8, 2020

Eric and Arvind_ Full MQ (1)

The long-awaited and much anticipated Utopia video podcast series is officially LIVE! Utopia is honored and privileged to feature Eric Stine, Chief Customer Innovation Officer, NA, SAP in Episode 1, where he and Utopia CEO, Arvind J. Singh chat about the criticality of a data foundation in the digital core, and how each company is innovating to bring serious business value to SAP customers.

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