Gas, electric, water, and telecommunication utilities are no longer just service providers; they have become the world’s largest consumers of sensor technologies and IP (internet protocol) addresses. With ‘big data,’ the digital age, and IoT (internet of things) as key data drivers today, utility leaders often ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ about their plant and field-based equipment and service investments.

Installing, finding, and reading sensors that monitor and control our systems requires accurate, timely evidence-based asset information from which to make critical decisions. This data helps keep workers informed so they can solve delivery bottlenecks with high-quality details to ensure safe operations.

How Utopia Can Help

Utopia is the only SAP solution partner offering digital-ready master data governance (MDG) solutions for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) that are uniquely built with SAP components. Whether it is enterprise ‘big data’ needed to quantify asset spend, live sensor data signaling maintenance actions required, or accurate customer meter readings without delay, SAP master data is expected to be timely and precise. Utopia provides utility companies with a digital strategy and a value-driven solution. Working with global energy leaders, Utopia has become the unchallenged leader in SAP Plant Maintenance data quality solutions including:

Utopia Software Solutions

  • SAP MDG for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), when coupled with other expert systems like OpenText, Intergraph, and OSI Pi, provides essential production equipment data mastering.
  • Linear Asset Management (LAM) functionality within SAP MDG for EAM provides linear asset capabilities that align with the emerging SAP Geospatial Enablement Framework (GEF) for necessary equipment and geospatial data mastering.
  • SAP Asset Information Workbench by Utopia takes on the heavy lifting of Capital Project hand-over with features like Mixed Multiple Object Change Request and Hierarchy Builder for repeatable success in building asset structures and maintenance plans. SAP Asset Information Workbench is the only purpose-built solution to seamlessly integrate with SAP’s Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) for optimal data transformation. 

Utopia Professional Services

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