Transportation leaders are in a perpetual search for ways to save fuel cost, make schedules more predictable and support field-based workers safely wherever they are. As vehicle-based technologies couple with the Internet of things (IoT), SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) master data quality has never been more visible nor more important. As an example, the railway industry is starting to mandate Positive Train Control (PTC) which relies on accurate equipment configuration data to inform automated train control systems that multiple trains are operating in a safe and congruent manner. The equipment data on a locomotive travelling at 60 miles per hour must be in synch with track signal and switch state data. Any confusion in the master data could result in catastrophic incidents.

How Utopia Can Help

Utopia’s SAP MDG for EAM / Linear Asset management (LAM) has be used in a PTC operation to create a fault-free SAP Plant Maintenance data solution architecture that delivers pristine, validated and real-time equipment information to enterprise-wide track & signal infrastructure and onboard fleet systems.

Working with global transportation leaders, Utopia has become the unchallenged leader in SAP Plant Maintenance data quality solutions including:

Utopia’s Software Solutions

  • SAP MDG for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) when coupled to other expert systems like OpenText, Intergraph and Asset Health solution provides integral production equipment data mastering.
  • Linear Asset Management (LAM) functionality within SAP MDG for EAM provides linear asset capabilities that align to the emerging SAP Geospatial Enablement Framework (GEF) for integral equipment and geospatial data mastering.
  • Utopia’s EAM Workbench takes the on the heavy lifting of Capital Project hand-over with features like Mixed Multiple Object Change Request and Hierarchy Builder for repeatable success in building asset structures and maintenance plans. EAM Workbench is the only purpose-built solution to seamlessly integrate with SAP’s Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) for optimal data transformation.

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