Plant safety and product quality have always been people, process, and technology challenges. With the advent of the internet of things (IoT), smart sensors, and coupled vendor systems, SAP is seeking time-tested methods and accurate data that keep chemical production and maintenance operations safe and profitable.

Chemical maintenance operations professionals rely on timely, trusted SAP plant maintenance instructions delivered to hand-held tools. Real-time, accurate health and sensor calibration data needed to keep plants running to capacity are assumed to be of the highest quality when an SAP master data governance (MDG) program is in place.

How Utopia Can Help

At the core of Utopia’s made-for-SAP products and services are years of industrial maintenance and capital project expertise. Working with global chemical leaders, Utopia has become the unchallenged leader in SAP Plant Maintenance data quality solutions including:

Utopia Software Solutions

  • SAP MDG for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), when coupled to other expert systems like OpenText, Intergraph, and OSI Pi provides essential production equipment data mastering.
  • Utopia’s EAM Workbench takes the on the heavy lifting of Capital Project hand-over with features like Mixed Multiple Object Change Request and Hierarchy Builder for repeatable success in building asset structures and maintenance plans. EAM Workbench is the only purpose-built solution to seamlessly integrate with SAP’s Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) for optimal data transformation.

Utopia Professional Services

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