Peter Aynsley-Hartwell

    Peter_Aynsley-Hartwell-25_C4Chief Technology Officer

    Peter Aynsley-Hartwell is the chief technology officer for Utopia, where he oversees the development of solutions using existing and new technology. The solutions created are aimed to enable you to achieve and improve your operations through the use of optimized and dynamic data. Mr. Aynsley-Hartwell has over 35 years of experience as an operator and consultant across multiple industries. Throughout his career, not only has he implemented over 15 SAP projects, and he also has seen firsthand what works and what does not work for organizations that want to manage their data effectively and efficiently.

    Mr. Aynsley-Hartwell has seen how the power of a properly implemented SAP instance has led to significant increases in performance. For example, one of his clients had a 500% increase in new sites added to a mobile telecommunication network per month, with a 30% reduction in inventory. This also allowed the client to achieve 80% of network equipment created automatically and installed in functional locations without further manual intervention, 75% of sites where SAP and physical inventory had a 100% match, overall 96% SAP matched physical count, and location value. Also, they saw a 250% increase in maintenance technician productivity with a 25% reduction in emergency work orders.

    Mr. Aynsley-Hartwell is known for his specialization in maintenance and supply chain operations while using SAP to enable best practices in these areas. He firmly believes that accurate asset data forms the basis of what is needed to ensure you get the most out of the assets you have in your organization. Without this, all the advanced techniques that are being espoused would be based on a flawed foundation. Mr. Aynsley-Hartwell wants you to be able to improve your operations and make your professional life better through the use of accurate and complete data. He has written articles and presented all over the world at various conferences ranging from SAPPHIRE NOW® to niche events such as SAP-Centric EAM on topics spanning data migration, data governance, SAP HANA®, enterprise asset management, and more.

    Mr. Aynsley-Hartwell is a big AC/DC fan who loves the simplicity of the music and the hard rock, but he also likes to dial it back and play a good game of golf too.


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